Getting a video for your course

If you would like an eRecce video produced for your course please contact us at We will produce your video and add a logo or sponsor text. The cost to sponsor a video will generally about the cost of a single entry fee to your event or race. We will put the video up on YouTube – if you like it please pay us for the sponsorship, if not then no problem, let us know why and we will take the video down again.

Why do we charge? The charge is cover server costs, development costs and the costs levied by Google for the downloading of their Map, StreetView and Elevation data.

Why sponsorship? Each video is sponsored rather than bought due to the details of the Google licensing agreement. All of the video will be put on YouTube as, again, to comply with the licensing the data derived from Google must be freely available.

The sponsoring of a video will allow it to be up on YouTube for a complete year. You will be able to link to it or embed it in your website. We can upload it to YouTube as “unlisted” so it can only be got to by the link that would be on your event’s website.

Send us a gpx route file and we will create your eRecce video with no obligation. See creating-routes.